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Common Solutions for Dealing with Tooth Loss

Preferably, you can avoid tooth loss with consistently good care and maintenance of your smile. However, tooth loss is common for many different reasons, some of which aren’t avoidable, and when it occurs, the risks to your long-term oral health are significant. The best way to preserve your smile and avoid the consequences of tooth… Read more »

How A Dental Bridge Is Placed

A dental bridge can permanently close the gap in your smile left by a missing tooth. This can actually be accomplished without requiring oral surgery, so patients who are less capable of undergoing surgical treatment can still have permanent support. Your bridge consists of a pontic – a replacement tooth – and a set of… Read more »

Why Tooth Loss Needs To Be Addressed

The way your smile looks after tooth loss may be reason enough for you to seek a prosthetic replacement. However, if cosmetic concerns are not enough to stir you to action, you should know what sort of health issues can be created by having missing teeth. The redistribution of work for biting and chewing could… Read more »

A Dental Prosthetic Can Restore An Incomplete Smile

Whether you have lost one, several, or all of your teeth, a prosthetic can help you regain an attractive smile. If you have full or non-consecutive tooth loss, your dentist may recommend dentures to treat your missing teeth. For patients with a single missing tooth, or conjoined absences, you may be better-suited by a dental… Read more »

What Can Restorative Dentistry Do For You?

If your teeth have sustained damage as a result of decay from improper dental care, or have been broken due to a hit to the mouth, then you may require a restorative procedure. This type of procedure is used to repair damaged or decayed teeth in an attempt to restore a tooth’s structural integrity, allowing… Read more »

A Lesson About Tooth Loss

The more you know about your dental health, the more you may realize how simultaneously resilient and vulnerable it is. For instance, permanent teeth that are built to last for life can be lost prematurely if you don’t keep them clean and healthy. The lesson to be learned about tooth loss is that the better… Read more »

Diabetic Patients Have Increased Risk for Gum Disease

November is American Diabetes Month® (ADM) which is an effort by the American Diabetes Association to raise awareness of the millions living with the disease and the issues surrounding diabetes. According to the American Diabetes Association, almost 30 million children and adults in the US live with diabetes. 86 million Americans possess prediabetes and could… Read more »

Hormones and Dental Health

Women experience many changes throughout their lives from puberty to menopause, and you may be surprised to hear that these changes affect their dental health. Hormonal fluctuations affect blood flow to the gums as well as the body’s response to plaque buildup. These changes put women at risk for oral health problems such as periodontal… Read more »

Is it Time for You to Consider a Dental Bridge?

Tooth loss is only as obvious as the tooth was visible. For instance, losing a molar at the back of your mouth isn’t as visibly noticeable as a missing incisor in the front. Nevertheless, inconspicuous doesn’t mean insignificant; regardless of where your lost tooth used to be, replacing it is important. A dental bridge is… Read more »

Why Do We Lose Adult Teeth?

Do you remember losing your first tooth as a child? It’s ok if you don’t; some children begin losing their teeth at age four or five, younger than many adults can remember. The good thing about losing baby teeth is that their adult replacements are sturdier, stronger, and supposed to last. Unfortunately, that’s not always… Read more »