Month: June 2017

Your At-Home Whitening Can Lead To Big Improvements

Can a whitening treatment you perform at home measure up to professional care? As it happens, your dentist can supply you with the materials you need to make big changes to the color of your teeth on your own. The materials you pick up will include professional caliber whitening gels, and a special, custom-made tray… Read more »

Without A Professional Cleaning, Tartar Stays Stuck On Teeth

The teeth cleaning performed at every dental checkup is an important part of your visit – especially if you have tartar on your teeth. Tartar forms because plaque in your mouth will harden if it is not removed in time. That hardened plaque – tartar – will resist your efforts as you brush and floss,… Read more »

Is Bruxism Causing Problems With Your Oral Health?

A habit of grinding your teeth while you sleep is certainly not going to help you enjoy your mornings. Patients who are dealing with bruxism will routinely wake up and find themselves dealing with sore teeth, as well as pain in their jaw and face. Unfortunately, the oral health troubles associated with bruxism last longer… Read more »

It Is Possible To Receive A Dental Crown In One Appointment

How much time are you going to lose to dental treatment when you need a dental crown? Thanks to the CEREC technology at your dentist’s office, the time it takes for you to receive your restoration can be cut down to a single visit. This means having important oral health support for a weak, decayed,… Read more »

When A Root Canal Is Necessary – And When It Isn’t

Not all cavities will have to be addressed via a root canal treatment. When tooth decay starts to form, it will initially only affect your enamel. However, as decay spreads, problems can reach the interior of your tooth. If you have an infection that reaches your pulp, you can develop issues due to bacteria infecting… Read more »