Month: April 2015

Simple Facts About Root Canals

Irrational fear of the dentist, or of dental work in general, often stems from horror stories being told and exaggerated from many points of view. The reality is that dental work is usually painless, and can greatly improve your chances of keeping your teeth. Root canals are probably one of the most feared restorative procedures,… Read more »

The Battle Against Dental Plaque

There are many factors that go into dental care, and maintaining a healthy mouth. Some things, like dental plaque, are easy to keep under control when proper hygiene techniques are practiced regularly. Ignoring early warning signs from your body can lead to severe oral diseases and expensive treatments to restore your smile. Dental plaque must… Read more »

Is Your Preventive Care Routine Optimized?

Everyone knows that brushing and flossing are vital for maintaining good oral health, but are you actually performing these tasks correctly? By continuously performing hygiene techniques incorrectly, you could be causing more harm than good. You should regularly scrutinize your routine to determine if there is anything you could improve on, even if you think… Read more »

What Can Porcelain Veneers Do to Improve Your Smile?

Unless you are already looking for ways to improve your smile‚Äôs appearance, you may not realize how popular porcelain veneers have become. As one of the more versatile cosmetic dentistry enhancements, veneers are designed to address a multitude of issues and blemishes at once. They are also designed to closely imitate the natural look, color,… Read more »