Month: April 2014

Cosmetic Dentistry: What Can It Do?

When you hear the words cosmetic dentistry, what comes to mind? Perhaps the most popular cosmetic dental procedure today—teeth whitening? Or maybe you think of porcelain veneers? Yes, the words cosmetic dentistry bring to mind a bright white smile, but have you ever wondered exactly what other types of procedures are considered cosmetic? As well… Read more »

Lose One to Save 100

Well, technically, lose one to save 31. Adults grow one set of permanent teeth that usually amounts to 32 (including the four wisdom teeth). Once the permanent teeth have erupted, they are the last teeth that will grow out of your dental ridge. Though adult teeth should be permanent, tooth extractions are often a necessity… Read more »

Is it Time for You to Consider a Dental Bridge?

Tooth loss is only as obvious as the tooth was visible. For instance, losing a molar at the back of your mouth isn’t as visibly noticeable as a missing incisor in the front. Nevertheless, inconspicuous doesn’t mean insignificant; regardless of where your lost tooth used to be, replacing it is important. A dental bridge is… Read more »