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Is Your Jaw Causing Sleep Concerns?

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Many Americans struggle with their sleep for a variety of reasons. And while we can’t help much about the noise in your neighborhood or the time of sunrise, there are aspects of oral health that interact with your nightly rest. Sleep apnea is a very common concern, especially among men, and it can cause problems… Read more »

Does Snoring Mean I Have Sleep Apnea?

There are real reasons to worry that you might have sleep apnea. Because this problem interferes with your ability to fully rest at night, you can experience problems with your physical and mental health. If it remains untreated for an extended length of time, you can start to exhibit the alarming symptoms of sleep deprivation,… Read more »

Relief From Problems Caused By Sleep Apnea

Until you do something about your problems with sleep apnea, your condition will continue to negatively impact your nightly rest. This can lead to problems with irritability and fatigue, a lack of focus, and physical health concerns. Fortunately, this is a treatable issue—by addressing the interference with your breathing that occurs while you sleep, you… Read more »

Is Your Snoring Linked To Sleep Apnea?

The toll of sleep apnea can be heavier than you realize. People who suffer from this condition can have embarrassing snoring difficulties, but this is just one of several problems that can stem from this issue. Because your condition makes it difficult for you to enjoy restful sleep, you can experience trouble managing your physical… Read more »

Discussing Sleep Apnea With Your Dentist

Why should you bother discussing your sleep troubles with your dentist? If those troubles are linked to sleep apnea, a condition that causes a person to snore and face breathing difficulties while they rest, you can actually receive beneficial treatment! At our Northwest IN dentist’s office, we can discuss your condition and discuss treatment with… Read more »

Sleep Apnea Can Harm Your Health

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Most of us snore from time to time. It can occur when we are particularly tired, or fall asleep in an unusual position with our mouths open. However, if snoring is persistent — and especially loud — Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) might be the culprit. Perhaps surprisingly, OSA and oral health are connected, and your… Read more »

When Daytime Fatigue Is Caused By Nighttime Concerns

For most individuals, the biggest threat to the quality of their smiles includes the harm brought on by oral bacteria, including decay, infection, and loss. For a number of others, however, this example falls short in comparison to the effects of nighttime teeth grinding. In today’s blog, your Northwest IN dentist will take a look… Read more »

The Problems with Having Sleep Apnea

When some people snore, it isn’t loud or consistent enough to really be considered a problem. For many people, it can happen if they fall asleep especially tired, or sleep in an odd position that causes their airway to become obstructed. However, when snoring is a constant and consistent thing, then it may be a… Read more »

What Sleep Apnea Treatment Could Improve for You

When you address any concern with your oral or overall health, the greatest benefit is removing any threat that the condition may pose to your systemic wellbeing. In the case of sleep apnea, the potential threats are a lot more significant than many people realize, and treating your sleep disorder effectively can help improve several… Read more »

Can Chronic Headaches Be a Sign of a Sleep Disorder?

When you have a headache that keeps coming back, and perhaps even becomes a migraine sometimes, finding a solution to stop may not be simple. A headache can mean a lot of different things, and even when it’s related to your oral health, the specific factors behind it can differ greatly. Obstructive sleep apnea, a… Read more »