Month: November 2016

Answering Questions About Tooth Extraction

Your dentist will take every possible step to save you from having to lose a tooth. Unfortunately, there can be situations where your dentist’s only recourse is to perform a tooth extraction. What you should understand is that an extraction related to tooth decay can be avoided if you seek treatment in time, as there… Read more »

Put A Stop To Teeth Grinding And Preserve Your Smile

Your smile can face trouble from a number of different sources. Your diet might be exposing your teeth to an excess of sugars and acids, which can lead to cavities and wear down your enamel. You could be at risk for discoloration thanks to tobacco use, or a tendency to enjoy dark beverages like coffee… Read more »

Thanksgiving: How To Navigate The Feast

Do you find that as excited as you feel about the thought of turkey, potatoes, green beans, mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie, and more, you feel a bit weary, too? What seems to be the problem? If you’re feeling somewhat overwhelmed at the thought of trying to make good choices for your oral health during this… Read more »

You Have Options When It Comes To Whitening Your Teeth

The right whitening procedure can be your key to achieving a drastic smile improvement. Discoloration is a major concern for people who want to keep up with their appearance. Unfortunately, many routine habits we enjoy can leave staining agents in our enamel, causing our teeth to lose their whiteness. One major focus of cosmetic dental… Read more »