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Sharing Your TMJ Symptoms With Your Dentist

Are you really telling your dentist everything they should know about the state of your oral health? Many people who struggle with TMJ disorder can miss that certain problems they have are tied to the condition of their jaw alignment and movement. Headaches, neck and shoulder pain, and facial discomfort can all be traced back… Read more »

Looking Out For TMJ Disorder Symptoms

There are different warning signs to look out for if you think that you have an issue with TMJ disorder. Jaw pain and stiffness are certainly a concern, but you may also have issues with facial pain, more difficulties with headaches or neck and shoulder pain, joint popping or clicking, and other problems. Until you… Read more »

How An Appliance Eases TMJ Pain

People who have difficulties in their daily life from jaw pain and stiffness, headaches, and teeth grinding can require help with TMJ disorder. This problem occurs when your joints are no longer in their appropriate alignment, putting stress on them and the muscles that operate your jaw. With a custom oral appliance, our Northwest IN… Read more »

Should You Look Into TMJ Therapy?

If you start to worry about how often you have pain or feelings of stiffness in your jaw, if you have headaches more often than you are used to, or if you begin to grind and clench your teeth reflexively, it could be due to a problem with TMJ disorder. This is a problem that… Read more »

Using TMJ Treatment To Address Bite Problems

While you may try to ignore it at first, persistent pain and sensitivity when you bite and chew is a cause for concern. If you have frequent issues with limited jaw movement, pain and stiffness, or more general concerns about discomfort in and around your joints, it can point to issues with TMJ disorder. Your… Read more »

Using Your Custom TMJ Appliance

If you have a problem with the way your jaw moves, or if something has affected your alignment, it can be difficult to speak, bite, or chew without feeling some discomfort. The more time you spend not addressing this issue, the more likely you are to have worsening pain that intrudes on your quality of… Read more »

How We Help Patients Manage TMJ Problems

If you start to experience problems with your jaw, the discomfort you feel can be difficult to ignore. The longer you wait to do something about issues like joint pain and stiffness, limited movement, or teeth grinding, the harder it can be to ignore your discomfort. Are you simply stuck with these problems? If not,… Read more »

Should You Look Into Treatment For TMJ Disorder?

Is there a reason to be alarmed over jaw stiffness and pain? This is a problem that can intrude on your ability to bite, chew, and speak, and it can generally make discomfort a daily concern. It can also point to a problem with your jaw alignment or bite movement that can grow progressively worse,… Read more »

When Teeth-Grinding Causes Jaw Dysfunction

Over the course of our lives, we are often told the importance of excellent oral hygiene and the work that is put into achieving that perfect smile. Indeed, most of us fear the greatest threat to our grins is the development of disease and infection such as plaque and decay. For others, however, the biggest… Read more »

How Can You Identify TMJ Pain?

Many of the most common dental health problems you can experience are relatively simple to identify. For instance, if your tooth begins to feel sensitive or develops a toothache, then the problem is often the beginning stages of a cavity. If your gums bleed slightly when you brush and floss your teeth, then they may… Read more »