Month: July 2021

Protection Offered By Scaling And Root Planing

If you have a truly effective oral hygiene regimen that you follow, you should stay safe against gum disease as well as dental decay. While people typically understand that they need to watch out for problems with gingivitis, they may not realize just how important it is to avoid periodontal problems. In time, an infection… Read more »

Making A Plan To Whiten Your Smile

Every time you look in the mirror, you feel at least a little disbelief at how the color of your smile has changed. Teeth stains can gradually build up over time and hurt your appearance. Even individuals who do a good job preventing cavities and gum disease may find it difficult to stop the change… Read more »

Using A Lifelike Filling In Cavity Treatment

Cavity treatment addresses damage to your enamel that is permanent. Unfortunately, there is not a way for you to naturally grow back tissues that are damaged by decay that requires restorative work. This does not mean that your tooth stays in a vulnerable state. With the right filling or crown, your dentist can provide lasting… Read more »

Restorative Treatment With A Lifelike Crown

When restorative dental work is needed, patients can count on our Gary, IN dentist’s office to resolve oral health issues while making the preservation of their smile a priority. We can do this even when you need the added support of a dental crown to guard a vulnerable tooth due to decay or injury. Crowns… Read more »