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Providing Dedicated Pediatric Dental Care

Receiving dedicated professional dental care at an early age can help a person enjoy a lifetime of quality oral health. It is certainly true that kids and adults alike benefit from routine dental exams, but it should be noted that children can enjoy important, unique benefits. One particularly important service provided by your dentist is… Read more »

Starting Your Child’s Regular Dental Checkups

Is your child ready to start dental visits? Your child’s smile will go through no small number of changes over the years. Their primary (baby) teeth will start to arrive, only to be lost, and replaced with their secondary (adult) teeth. During this time, their jaw is also growing and developing. The dental appointments that… Read more »

Ensuring Your Child Enjoys Good Oral Health

What does it take to keep your child’s oral health in top form? In many regards, children’s dental needs match the needs of adults. You want to keep their teeth healthy by keeping up with regular care, and by limiting their exposure to harmful substances. However, unlike you, your child has far less experience dealing… Read more »

Protecting Teeth: Ration or Gorge on Halloween Candy?

Children across the nation are gearing up for Halloween 2014. They are planning their costumes and dreaming of buckets of candy coming their way. Parents on the other hand dread the potential side effects of excessive sugar coating their children’s teeth. Your Gary dentist Dr. Cain offers some tips to surviving Halloween with our teeth… Read more »