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Keep Your Smile Safe This Virus Season

Sneeze Gary IN

When the weather starts to get a little colder, we invariably become sicker. More time spent together during the holidays and indoors makes for a prime breeding ground for our common viruses such as the cold or influenza. While these might feel like minor inconveniences that you can rest through, being sick can lead to… Read more »

Tips To Maintain An Older Mouth

Through each stage of our life, there are different concerns that affect our mouths. Throughout our youth, there are of course issues concerning the growth of adult teeth. Replacing your first set alone has an immense amount of different ways to become a problem.  But when we get older, we may feel that our mouths… Read more »

How Pregnancy Puts Your Mouth At Risk

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Whether this is your first pregnancy or you have been down this road before, there is always more to learn. Many people are not aware of the link between periodontal disease, or the infection of your gum tissue, and having a child. Your body undergoes many changes throughout this process, and much of it puts… Read more »

Flossing And Your Healthy Smile

How much work are you currently putting into your oral hygiene routine? If you are not including flossing in your overall efforts to keep your smile clean, you can have a harder time than you realize to prevent problems with dental decay and gum disease. At our Northwest IN  dentist’s office, we can offer insights… Read more »

Resolving Problems With Nightly Teeth Grinding

Until you do something about the problem, nightly teeth grinding can continue taking a toll on your smile and oral health. Just how serious is this problem? We have the ability to grind and clench our teeth with considerable force. Someone who experiences issues with bruxism (persistent teeth grinding) each night can wear down their… Read more »

Understanding The Dangers Of Oral Cancer

In last week’s blog, we discussed the many ways that porcelain veneers can cosmetically benefit an individual’s smile, even with a variety of different blemishes. Because we have entered the month of April, also known as oral cancer awareness month, we wanted to switch directions and talk about the dangers behind the concern and the… Read more »

What Does It Take to Treat Bruxism?

The good news about treating bruxism is that, for many patients, it’s relatively simple. The condition, which describes the constant grinding of your teeth (often, at night), may be alleviated by wearing a custom-designed bruxism appliance when you sleep at night. However, the problem with treating bruxism is that many people who suffer from it… Read more »

What Unchecked Bruxism Does to Your Teeth

You use your teeth and jaws more often every day than you do any other part of your body, and the action of biting and chewing involves immense pressure from your bite. If you suffer from bruxism, or subconscious teeth-grinding, then you can be exposing your healthy tooth structure to that same level of pressure,… Read more »

How Your Oral Care Needs Can Change Over The Years

Your routine oral health care is an effort to keep your smile in good condition for a lifetime. While your morning routine may not see many changes, your overall oral health needs can change over the years. Your dentist understands this, and can tailor their care to the needs you have in your particular life… Read more »

Protecting Yourself From Dental Issues

The old idea that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure can apply to your oral health, as well as your regular health. Preventive dental care helps you keep your teeth healthy, so that you are less likely to need restorative dental treatment for problems like tooth decay. That care comes from… Read more »