Diabetic Patients Have Increased Risk for Gum Disease

November is American Diabetes Month® (ADM) which is an effort by the American Diabetes Association to raise awareness of the millions living with the disease and the issues surrounding diabetes. According to the American Diabetes Association, almost 30 million children and adults in the US live with diabetes. 86 million Americans possess prediabetes and could potentially develop type 2 diabetes. The American Diabetes Association speculates that the US spends $245 million in diabetes care costs. Diabetes can damage many parts of the body including the nerves, the heart, kidneys and other crucial elements. Diabetes can also take a toll on one’s oral health particularly on one’s likelihood for developing gum disease. In today’s blog your Gary dentist Dr. Cain discusses the effect of diabetes on oral health.

Diabetes and Gum Disease

Individuals with diabetes have a higher likelihood for developing gum disease. Gum disease is marked by painful, swollen gums that if untreated can recede from teeth and create periodontal pockets. The periodontal pockets can become infected and bone can deteriorate. Gum disease can eventually cause tooth loss. If a diabetic individual possess poor blood sugar control, they may develop gum disease more frequently and more acutely. Children who possess IDDM (insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus) are also prone to developing gum issues. Further, bacteria in the mouth feed off sugars including glucose. Glucose is the sugar connected to diabetes. If a diabetic sufferer does not possess good diabetic control, the increased glucose within mouth fluids can support and feed germs. This can in turn elevate the risk for gum disease. Good diabetic control can fight gum disease. Similarly, controlling blood sugar levels also reduces the likelihood of developing other complications such as nerve damage and heart disease.

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