Month: October 2016

What You Can Expect From Your Dental Filling

The first step in any cavity treatment, no matter how large or small the cavity is, will be to remove the tooth’s infected tissue. Completely eradicating decay is important, but your dentist will also need to ensure that your tooth is supported after this occurs. If your cavity is removed before it grows too large,… Read more »

Ensuring Your Child Enjoys Good Oral Health

What does it take to keep your child’s oral health in top form? In many regards, children’s dental needs match the needs of adults. You want to keep their teeth healthy by keeping up with regular care, and by limiting their exposure to harmful substances. However, unlike you, your child has far less experience dealing… Read more »

What You Should Know About Dental Checkups

Your regular dental checkups should take place twice a year. Each semiannual visit will allow your dentist the opportunity to survey your oral health. Hopefully, nothing eventful will turn up during your evaluation. If a problem is found, your dentist can inform you of it, and arrange to treat you. In addition to a comprehensive… Read more »

Enjoy Your Restoration Sooner With A CEREC Crown

With CEREC technology, you can avoid the wait and have your dental crown constructed and placed in just one visit with your dentist. This means no depending on a temporary crown, and no waiting to have a vulnerable tooth completely taken care of. Crowns are often used to take care of teeth that need superior… Read more »