Month: July 2020

Keeping Your Smile Healthy With Preventive Care

It’s always worth taking basic precautions that can prevent you from becoming sick. The same is true of your oral health. By taking basic steps on a daily or regular basis, you can prevent gum disease and tooth decay. Preventing these problems will not only spare you discomfort, but it will also spare you the… Read more »

How Does a Cavity Lead to Root Canal Treatment?

When a cavity first develops, it often causes your tooth to become more sensitive as the decay behind it erodes your tooth structure. This is one reason why cavities are often treated before they become more serious, and before the discomfort they cause can become more intense. However, when a cavity isn’t addressed promptly, the… Read more »

Does a Toothache Mean You Need a Tooth Filling?

When you develop a toothache, the most important thing to do first is to determine its cause. Trying out numerous home remedies instead of visiting your dentist could cost valuable time, and in the meantime, your toothache (and the cause behind it) will likely get worse. One of the more common causes behind chronic toothaches… Read more »

What Unchecked Bruxism Does to Your Teeth

You use your teeth and jaws more often every day than you do any other part of your body, and the action of biting and chewing involves immense pressure from your bite. If you suffer from bruxism, or subconscious teeth-grinding, then you can be exposing your healthy tooth structure to that same level of pressure,… Read more »

What Problems Can TMJ Disorder Lead To?

The problem with many oral health concerns is that, given enough time, they grow worse and cause several other concerns with your oral health. This is especially true with temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder, which impacts your jaw joints’ and muscles’ ability to function properly. TMJ disorder and its impact on your jaw function can grow… Read more »