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Tips To Maintain An Older Mouth

Through each stage of our life, there are different concerns that affect our mouths. Throughout our youth, there are of course issues concerning the growth of adult teeth. Replacing your first set alone has an immense amount of different ways to become a problem.  But when we get older, we may feel that our mouths… Read more »

Is Tooth Loss Making Your Daily Life More Difficult?

Are you frustrated by the impact tooth loss is having your day to day life? You may have had to modify your diet to work around an impacted ability to bite and chew because of missing teeth, and you may feel self-conscious about your appearance. You should know that seeking help with the problem of… Read more »

What Are Dentures & Do You Need Dentures?

You don’t have to lose your smile because you’ve lost your teeth. You can restore your confidence and restore the function of your teeth by replacing lost teeth with dental prosthetics like dentures. What are dentures and do you need dentures? Dentures are a form of dental prosthetics, artificial teeth that replace your missing teeth… Read more »

A Lesson About Tooth Loss

The more you know about your dental health, the more you may realize how simultaneously resilient and vulnerable it is. For instance, permanent teeth that are built to last for life can be lost prematurely if you don’t keep them clean and healthy. The lesson to be learned about tooth loss is that the better… Read more »

FAQs About Family Smile Care

A beautiful smile looks great and helps improve overall health. Keeping your teeth and gums healthy requires regular dental care. At Healthy Smiles, we offer the latest in quality dentistry for the entire family. Your Gary, IN dentist, Dr. Nicholas Cain, can help boost the health and appearance of your smile.