Month: July 2022

How Will Veneers Change My Smile?

If you want to do something to change your smile for the better, your Northwest IN dentist can help you determine the right approach. For people who have several issues that they want to address, we can look for ways to provide the right changes while minimizing the time and effort involved, which can make… Read more »

Discussing Teeth Stains With Your Dentist

It may be something that affects many people, but when teeth stains hurt your smile, you can feel embarrassed to the point of wishing you could keep your smile totally hidden from view. At our Northwest IN dentist’s office, we can help when discoloration becomes difficult to ignore. Problems with deeper, tougher stains can require… Read more »

Sharing Your TMJ Symptoms With Your Dentist

Are you really telling your dentist everything they should know about the state of your oral health? Many people who struggle with TMJ disorder can miss that certain problems they have are tied to the condition of their jaw alignment and movement. Headaches, neck and shoulder pain, and facial discomfort can all be traced back… Read more »

Addressing Gingivitis At A Dental Exam

During regular dental visits, patients can expect to receive feedback about their teeth. Early warnings about dental decay lead to timely support, and the identification of wear and tear can help us recognize an issue with nightly teeth grinding that can require attention. You should know that your Northwest IN dentist will check more than… Read more »