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A Broken Tooth Is A Dental Emergency!

As human beings, we often feel most comfortable in many situations in which we can control the outcome. The same can be said for our oral health, as nobody wants to endure losing a tooth. The truth of the matter is, however, that while we can control a number of aspects that contribute to the… Read more »

Treatments Your Dental Emergency Might Call For

Dental emergencies aren’t the same for everyone, which can sometimes make addressing one seem complicated. If you aren’t exactly sure of the nature and extent of your dental emergency, then the symptoms of it can seem even more worrisome, and you may not know exactly how to address them. Therefore, one of the most important… Read more »

How To Save Your Knocked-Out Tooth

What happens when you knock out a tooth? Well, unless you act quickly there’s the risk of losing the tooth completely. In today’s blog, we’re looking at how to respond to a knocked-out tooth, as well as how to address other common dental emergencies. We’re also going to talk about other emergency scenarios in which… Read more »

5 Ways To Respond To Dental Emergencies

A dental emergency means any sudden pain or injury to the teeth or gums. We can see you as soon as possible, addressing injuries before they grow worse and further threaten your oral health. However, there are steps you can take in between your injury and when you walk through our door to reduce discomfort…. Read more »

What Should I Expect During An Emergency Dental Visit?

No one wants to find themselves in need of emergency treatment because of a dental problem. While this kind of care is something you will hopefully never need, it can be helpful to know what you should do in the case something goes wrong. If you can, you should try to keep the tooth in… Read more »

Arranging An Emergency Dental Visit

Regular dental checkups are typically recommended for every six months, and you can schedule your trips well in advance. If you think something might be wrong with your oral health, you can reach out and set an appointment to determine what the matter could be. So what do you do when you need emergency dental… Read more »

Regaining A Healthy, Happy Smile After A Dental Emergency

It takes time for a cavity to develop, but a physical injury can leave you with a dental problem that happens practically in an instant. If you suffer a dental emergency, your dentist can help you – you may schedule your routine checkups months in advance, but your dentist can make time to see you… Read more »

Reach Out To Your Dentist For Help After A Dental Injury

A dental injury can be hazardous to your smile, and to your oral health. Unlike a cavity, which can take time to become severe, an accident can leave you in sudden need of serious restorative dental care. Your dentist is able to bring you in for treatment if you suffer a dental emergency. When you… Read more »

Taking Care Of A Dental Emergency

No matter how effectively you care for your teeth, no matter how consistent you are with your regular dental checkups, dental troubles are still only an accident away. Emergency dental services are services no one plans to undergo. That being said, if you find yourself dealing with a tooth that has been knocked loose, or… Read more »

Quiz: Putting A Stop To Tooth Pain

Few situations can motivate a person to seek out their dentist like tooth pain. Discomfort can come from many different situations. If your discomfort is rooted in advanced tooth decay, you could be overdue for restorative work on a cavity. That pain indicates a threat to the tooth’s living tissue, which could eventually make extracting… Read more »