Month: March 2016

Why Tooth Loss Needs To Be Addressed

The way your smile looks after tooth loss may be reason enough for you to seek a prosthetic replacement. However, if cosmetic concerns are not enough to stir you to action, you should know what sort of health issues can be created by having missing teeth. The redistribution of work for biting and chewing could… Read more »

Teeth Whitening For Intrinsic And Extrinsic Discoloration

When it comes to tooth discoloration, there are multiple culprits. When you think about tooth discoloration, your mind may go directly to stains left over from actions like drinking coffee or red wine, or smoking. This is what is referred to as extrinsic discoloration. If your teeth are affected by extrinsic stains, a cosmetic whitening… Read more »

Why You Should Start Dental Visits For Your Child Early

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) advises that your child should have his or her first dental visit at the point where the first primary tooth has erupted. At the latest, they should have their first visit by their first birthday. These early visits are important for several reasons. For one, primary teeth, like… Read more »

Don’t Let Anxiety Keep You Away From The Dentist

Finding time for a trip to the dentist may not be easy, but it is important – especially if you have ongoing issues you need to treat. However, some people put off dental treatments for reasons that have less to do with scheduling, and more to do with their own fears about a visit. If… Read more »

Habits That Can Harm Your Teeth

Everyday activities can have a negative impact on your oral health. Even if you routinely brush and floss, and regularly visit your dentist, you can face an increased risk for dental problems due to your diet choices, or other everyday actions. There are also actions you can take to help keep your teeth healthy. Increasing… Read more »