Why Tooth Loss Needs To Be Addressed

why tooth loss needs to be addressedThe way your smile looks after tooth loss may be reason enough for you to seek a prosthetic replacement. However, if cosmetic concerns are not enough to stir you to action, you should know what sort of health issues can be created by having missing teeth. The redistribution of work for biting and chewing could culminate with excess wear and tear on certain remaining teeth. You could also develop TMJ issues because you have to accommodate an absent space. If you want to restore your oral health, you should acquire a dental prosthetic.

Missing Teeth Can Lead To Further Tooth Loss

One argument in favor of replacing a lost tooth is that having a missing tooth can actually raise your odds of losing more. That lost tooth helped keep its neighbors securely in their proper spot. A gap from a missing tooth leaves adjacent teeth with less support. If your tooth was lost because of the effects of gum disease, that infection could lead to additional losses. A full remedy of tooth loss can be an important means of stopping an accumulation of issues.

Replacement Options

There are different types of prosthetic dental pieces available to you. For one missing tooth, or for a few adjacent teeth that were lost, a dental bridge can fill in nicely for what was lost. The bridge is a permanent insert, and keeps its position thanks to the presence of dental crowns on neighboring teeth that anchor it. Dentures are also available for people who are missing a larger number of teeth.