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Will Sedation Help My Dental Anxiety?

Do you ever feel nervous about visiting the dentist? If you have anxiety, don’t let your fears prevent you from enjoying a healthy and attractive smile. Instead, talk to your Gary, IN, dentist about sedation and other ways to combat dental anxiety!

Giving People With Dental Anxiety The Support They Need

Different issues can affect a person’s relative risk for dental troubles. Some patients have softer enamel, which makes it harder for them to fight cavities. Other people can have issues like dry mouth, which can inhibit their natural cavity defense if the problem is not addressed. However, many people are more vulnerable to oral health… Read more »

Are Bad Habits Hurting Your Teeth?

While people (hopefully) are not setting out to try and hurt their teeth, there are many habits that can do just that. Some of these actions are unconscious – people who suffer from bruxism may not even realize that they grind their teeth during the night. Unfortunately, that lack of awareness is not protecting their… Read more »

Habits That Can Harm Your Teeth

Everyday activities can have a negative impact on your oral health. Even if you routinely brush and floss, and regularly visit your dentist, you can face an increased risk for dental problems due to your diet choices, or other everyday actions. There are also actions you can take to help keep your teeth healthy. Increasing… Read more »

Anti-Aging Tips to Keep Your Teeth Looking Youthful

Just as the rest of your body matures as you get older, your teeth also age over time and show signs of aging. You can counteract the natural signs of aging by practicing healthy habits and undergoing routine cosmetic dentistry treatments to keep your smile looking youthful. When your teeth are bright and healthy-looking, they… Read more »

Is Your Preventive Care Routine Optimized?

Everyone knows that brushing and flossing are vital for maintaining good oral health, but are you actually performing these tasks correctly? By continuously performing hygiene techniques incorrectly, you could be causing more harm than good. You should regularly scrutinize your routine to determine if there is anything you could improve on, even if you think… Read more »