Month: January 2021

When to Consider Extracting a Tooth

For some adults, the biggest threat to their oral health involves chronic teeth-grinding that ultimately leads to a jaw dysfunction known as TMJ disorder. For a number of other people, however, their biggest dental concern typically involves the damage caused by decay and infection. Indeed, your dentist will attempt to preserve your natural tooth as… Read more »

When Teeth-Grinding Causes Jaw Dysfunction

Over the course of our lives, we are often told the importance of excellent oral hygiene and the work that is put into achieving that perfect smile. Indeed, most of us fear the greatest threat to our grins is the development of disease and infection such as plaque and decay. For others, however, the biggest… Read more »

Ways Porcelain Veneers Enhance Your Grin

It goes without saying that having a beautiful grin is a common goal many adults share, as it is often the first physical attribute one notices about a person. Unfortunately, achieving this goal is not always easy when chips or cracks get in the way. What’s more, having a smile that is riddled with blemishes… Read more »

A Simple Way to Mend Your Chipped Tooth

For many people, a seamless smile plays a significant role in their level of confidence, as it is usually the first asset one notices about a person. What’s more, experiencing a chip after making it a priority to take great care of your oral health and  prevent any cavities, blemishes, or other concerns can be… Read more »