Why Your Gums May Need A Deep Cleaning

Getting your teeth cleaned on a regular basis is an important part of maintaining good oral health. These checkups will look for any signs of tooth decay, bite misalignment, and gum disease. Speaking of, gum disease is a common occurrence among many patients, and if it is detected early, then your Gary, IN, dentist can provide proper treatment to mitigate it, such as a scaling and root planing procedure, which is a deep cleaning to remove plaque and tartar from underneath the gums.


Starting Good Dental Habits Early In Life

Good oral health habits can begin at any age. However, the earlier one starts caring for their teeth, the better. That is one reason why your Gary, IN, dentist offers preventive treatment options for children. Our office’s first priority is to ensure our youngest patients are relaxed so that they will have a positive experience. This helps them be more open to future appointments and be more consistent with brushing and flossing. With our warm and inviting children’s dentistry practice, parents can rest assured knowing their kids’ teeth are in good hands. 


Has Jaw Movement Become Painful? TMJ Treatment Can Help

We perform basic jaw movements so frequently in the course of a day that they can generally escape our notice. However, if you start to feel the effects of TMJ disorder, basic actions like biting, chewing, and speaking can become distracting due to pain, or limited movement. At our Gary, IN dental practice, we have experience treating people who struggle with TMJ issues, and we can help you fully resolve your troubles. You can bring up the problem during your next routine dental checkup, or reach out to schedule a visit if you are starting to worry about your discomfort. You should take this problem seriously, as it can lead to persistent issues with headaches, facial pain, and other forms of discomfort. If your symptoms include chronic teeth grinding, you also have to worry about the condition of your teeth! (more…)