Tooth Loss Can Be the Start Of Your Story

Blonde senior Gary INThe loss of a tooth can actually be empowering if you plan for high quality prosthodontia to repair your gap. Know that you have access to advanced forms of prosthetic replacement with Dr. Nicholas Cain at Healthy Smiles Northwest Indiana in Gary, IN. A dental implant is one way that new technologies have changed the game in dental improvement and repair.

This process relies upon a biological mechanism known as osseointegration. Through the use of titanium, this specific metal positively interacts with the tissue of your jaw bone. This chemical connection allows your body to grow tightly around the post, keeping it secure. Your new prosthetic tooth attaches to this post and can withstand daily use, all while giving you a gorgeous new smile. Beam with pride with a new dental implant to restore your gap and allow your smile to function properly. You have the power to turn your instance of tooth loss into a positive! (more…)

Timely Smile Improvements To Help You Look Great!

Guy Livonia MICosmetic dental concerns are common around the world. In fact, most people have some issues big or small that they would wish to change about the appearance of their smile if they had the chance. If this sounds like you, you might be looking into your choices in improving the look of your mouth. You might also be concerned about the time and invasiveness of any cosmetic dental procedure.

Will you make the effort to achieve a brighter new smile through dedicated dentistry? At Healthy Smiles Northwest Indiana in Gary, IN, we have timely ways of making your smile pop. Schedule a consultation today for an oral health baseline and discuss speedy cosmetic enhancement with Dr. Nicholas Cain, DDS. Your brighter days lie ahead, so take charge of your life with positive dental improvement!


The Benefits Of A January Cleaning

Winter Gary INAs the year winds down, things start to return back to normal a little bit. The major family holidays have ended and people are mostly at home getting ready for a return to school and work. It is also a time when we celebrate the renewal that the next year can bring. Take advantage of the drive and promise that 2023 could bring you by scheduling a routine cleaning and examination for the month of January.

Regular visits to the dentist can help you avoid future harm, and so it is crucial to see your provider once at least every six months. A trip to Healthy Smiles Northwest Indiana in Gary, IN can help to identify any potentially damaging concerns as they begin to develop. Preventive care is one of the greatest tools at our disposal to fight infection. Bacterial growth within the smile can lead to severe tooth decay and the recession of the gums. Take advantage of the turn of the calendar by making one of your New Years resolutions to take extra special care of your smile! (more…)

Sleep Disorders Can Wreck Your Smile

Smile Gary INTwo of the most common issues affecting sleep center around our oral health. The first of these is known as bruxism, which is the term for overnight teeth grinding and clenching. While you may be able to stop yourself during the day by chewing gum or eating something, these habits come out to play at night uninterrupted. This means that damage can be occurring for hours each night without you even knowing. Stop dental erosion today with the use of a helpful guard to wear during sleep.

Sleep apnea is another condition that can be dangerous to your overall health. These patients routinely see higher blood pressure levels, which can contribute to the development of heart disease. Those with apnea then see a larger risk of stroke and heart attack, which are leading causes of death and incapacity. At Healthy Smiles in Gary, IN, we proudly offer our patients a convenient night guard that can help to reposition your jaw. This slight adjustment can give you a way to breathe easily and protect your smile! (more…)

Saving Your Tooth From Infection

Elegant Gary INSometimes, bacterial infection can take hold within the internal structure of a tooth. When the enamel suffers damage from a physical trauma like a break or a chip, it can expose the soft vulnerable area within. Bacterial growth due to poor oral hygiene can also lead to decay that can allow for foreign organisms to begin to grow inside the tooth. Thirdly, periodontal disease causes the recession of the gum, where infection can begin to creep from the connection to the bone of the jaw.

When bacterial colonies start to form, it can be incredibly painful. These structures are not built to withstand immune battles as other areas of the mouth, and they are particularly susceptible to the development of this concern. One of the more common procedures we perform at our Gary, IN dental office is a root canal, which is a removal of the pulp and the seal of the connection to the jaw. While this process gets a certain reputation in movies and television, it serves as a helpful way to eliminate a throbbing toothache! (more…)

The Turnkey Cosmetic Difference

Smile Gary INA beautiful smile can do wonders for your self-esteem, as oral health concerns can really pull your confidence down. Treatment for your concerns might be a bit difficult for you to pin down, however. Patients will often feel that they wish the quality of their smile could improve, but there are small things to address around the mouth rather than a singular overarching issue.

Much of this comes due to our daily wear to our enamel. We as humans constantly use our mouths for eating and speaking, and we can never fully avoid the risk of a fall down the stairs or a car accident. Your Gary, IN dentist is proud to provide a turnkey approach. Feel comfortable in bringing all your concerns to the table. The aim is to make the technology work for you, rather than trying to force a procedure to fit your situation. Look your best with a plan designed to keep your oral health future bright! (more…)

Restore Your Gumline To A Healthy Level

Coffee Gary INOne of the most common dental issues is periodontal disease. This is the inflammation and infection of the gum tissue, and it is very prevalent in the United States. It’s estimated that approximately four in every ten Americans over the age of thirty suffer from this condition. So if you have begun to notice some redness, swelling, or even some recession, don’t feel embarrassed about it. This is a serious medical issue that should not be ignored!

Our periodontal tissue does not regenerate in the same way that, say, our skin does. Therefore, we need to use specific means of repairing damaged gumlines. These are often common surgical procedures that use a technique known as grafting. Today, your Gary, IN dentist explains how this process may help you to effectively restore your smile, and keep yourself safe for the future! (more…)

Don’t Let Sensitivity Hold You Back

Cold Gary INThis time of year can be especially illuminating when it comes to our oral health. Here in Northwest Indiana, we certainly know the daily struggle with the cold. But are you letting your dental sensitivity concern get worse through inaction? There is a strong possibility that you are causing further damage without even knowing it. Often, patients put off seeking treatment, and that can require more extensive surgery or infection removal.

If you are noticing that your mouth is a little less comfortable than it was this time last year, it may be time to schedule an appointment with a trained oral healthcare provider. Dental sensitivity can come from a variety of sources, and identification can be one of your strongest tools in your arsenal in its defeat. These sensations can be truly debilitating in your daily life, so always remember that you don’t need to live through oral pain. Today, your Gary, IN dentist explains some of the more common ways that our enamel can become unable to protect our smiles. Keep track of the details of your symptoms, it can help you immensely! (more…)

Keep Your Smile Safe This Virus Season

Sneeze Gary INWhen the weather starts to get a little colder, we invariably become sicker. More time spent together during the holidays and indoors makes for a prime breeding ground for our common viruses such as the cold or influenza. While these might feel like minor inconveniences that you can rest through, being sick can lead to issues maintaining a properly healthy mouth.

Not only that, but keeping your smile as clean as possible while you’re ill can help you feel a little bit better. Today, your Gary, IN dentist explains how important it can be to stick to a strict oral health schedule when you contract a common winter virus. Also, what to do to help avoid this situation entirely!


Make The Dental Change

Street Gary INMost people have something that they would alter with their smile, if they could just snap their fingers and make a change. From small concerns to larger ones, this might be something that is affecting you. If you find yourself with a nagging concern with your teeth, there may be a solution available to you.

Porcelain veneers are a ceramic cap that replaces or repairs your existing natural enamel. These are a tried and true method of improving many aspects of your smile. You might be surprised to know that beyond its restorative properties, the cosmetic avenues are nearly endless. Today, your Gary, IN dentist touches on the amazing abilities of porcelain veneers, from their history to their promising future. Find out how this procedure may help you get the smile that you deserve! (more…)