Why Tooth Decay Is Such a Common Problem

Aside from routine preventive checkups and cleanings, treating tooth decay is one of the most common reasons why people seek dental treatment. It’s also one of the most preventable oral health concerns, which can make you wonder why tooth decay remains such a common problem. The truth is that tooth decay is highly preventable, but it takes a level of consistency that not everyone can maintain, always. Today, we examine sone of the reasons why tooth decay can be a problem for nearly anyone, and how you can improve your daily hygiene and preventive routines to boost your chances of avoiding it. (more…)

Understanding the Importance of Good Dental Hygiene

Most people recognize dental hygiene as something they should practice every day. However, not everyone does so consistently, and unfortunately, people don’t always connect their existing dental health concerns with the fact that their dental hygiene is inconsistent. Today, we take a look at just how important it is to stick to a consistently good hygiene routine, and what it could mean if you grow too complacent in keeping your teeth and gums clean every day. (more…)

Why Is Teeth-Whitening So Popular?

Some dental treatments are common because they need to be in order to protect your smile. For example, everyone needs to attend dental cleanings on a regular basis in order to prevent the excess buildup of plaque and bacteria. When it comes to your smile’s appearance, teeth-whitening is popular both because it’s necessary and because it’s convenient. Teeth stains can develop on your teeth surfaces naturally over time, and in many cases, the only way to erase them is with the help of professional, custom-designed teeth-whitening treatment. (more…)

What Having Crooked Teeth Means for Your Oral Health

When teeth are crooked, the most noticeable impact of their misalignment is often the way it makes your smile look. An uneven, asymmetrical set of teeth can make your smile seem less healthy and attractive, which is one of the main reasons why some people seek orthodontic treatment to straighten theirs. However, when teeth aren’t aligned properly, there’s a lot more at stake than just your smile’s appearance. Having crooked teeth can mean many things for your oral health, and each of which can grow increasingly worse until you seek orthodontic treatment to straighten them. (more…)

A Crash Course in Dealing with Sleep Apnea

Not every treatment that your dentist can design for you has to deal with your smile. In fact, many dental health treatments and services are designed to address more profound aspects of your bite function and oral structures. For example, obstructive sleep apnea, or OSA, is a common sleep breathing disorder that often originates with the growth and development of certain oral and facial structures. The result is a chronic, consistent obstruction of your airway while you sleep, and dealing with the condition often means designing treatment that helps prevent oral tissues from blocking it. (more…)

How Plaque And Tartar Affect Your Oral Health

A couple of dental terms you may hear when you are at an appointment with your Gary, IN, dentist are plaque and tartar, two issues that can sometimes affect your oral health. When plaque builds up and is left untreated, it may lead to gum disease. That, in turn, could lead to other issues if it is not treated early. Let us look at what plaque and tartar are in today’s blog post and what can be done to help prevent them from building up on your teeth. 


Our Sedation Options Can Help You Stay Relaxed

Going to the dentist tends to make many people nervous. We understand. There are terms you may be unfamiliar with or tools you have never seen. There could be procedures we recommend that sound scary. Visiting your Gary, IN, dentist should never be a frightening experience, though. To help you stay relaxed and comfortable during your visit, we offer sedation dentistry options. We want your appointments with us to be a pleasant experience, so let us review what is available to help you achieve a calm state.


Frame Your Smile With A Gum Contouring Treatment

Have you ever heard of someone having a “gummy” smile? That is when too much gum tissue shows when someone smiles. Most people have two millimeters of gum tissue, but for those who have a gummy smile, it could exceed three or four millimeters. That is not the only reason their gums are showing. They could also have a high lip line, swollen gums, or an issue that has kept their teeth from fully protruding. If you feel that you have a gummy smile, visit your Gary, IN, dentist. We can help determine its cause. We can also treat it with a cosmetic dental procedure called gum contouring. What is that? Let us explain. 


A Dental Crown Can Repair A Chipped Or Cracked Tooth

While teeth are usually durable, there are often times when things happen to them that we wish would not. For example, maybe you chipped a tooth, or perhaps you cracked one. Or it could be that due to some other issue a tooth has become weaker. Sure, these experiences are not preferable for your oral health and smile, but they can be treated by your Gary, IN, dentist with dental crowns. This common procedure will have you smiling in no time. Curious to learn more? Read on. 


A Snoring Solution To Help You Sleep Well

Obstructive sleep apnea affects more than 18 million Americans every night while they sleep. This disorder causes chronic snoring and interrupts breathing multiple times. It can often go unnoticed unless you have a loved one who tells you that it is happening. And if left untreated, it may lead to other health concerns, such as hypertension, diabetes, memory problems, and heart disease. If you are affected by this, your Gary, IN, dentist can offer a solution by fitting you with a custom-designed oral appliance that you wear when you sleep.