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You Have The Power To Limit Overnight Grinding

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One of the most prevalent sleep disorders in this country is a condition known as bruxism, and it can cause serious wear to your enamel over time. If you struggle with your rest due to the grinding of your teeth, take the time to speak with a trusted oral health professional about your disordered sleep…. Read more »

Give Your Jaw A Soft Landing Spot Overnight

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Of the five most prevalent sleep disorders in the United States, two of these stem from the mouth and throat. Bruxism is a condition in which you grind your teeth overnight and it can cause serious damage to the tops of your teeth. The other common concern is known as chronic obstructive sleep apnea. During… Read more »

Sleep Disorders Can Wreck Your Smile

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Two of the most common issues affecting sleep center around our oral health. The first of these is known as bruxism, which is the term for overnight teeth grinding and clenching. While you may be able to stop yourself during the day by chewing gum or eating something, these habits come out to play at… Read more »

Is Your Jaw Causing Sleep Concerns?

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Many Americans struggle with their sleep for a variety of reasons. And while we can’t help much about the noise in your neighborhood or the time of sunrise, there are aspects of oral health that interact with your nightly rest. Sleep apnea is a very common concern, especially among men, and it can cause problems… Read more »

How Harmful Can Bruxism Really Be?

The tendency to grind your teeth while you sleep can make your average morning less pleasant. After all, you would have a hard time finding someone who enjoyed waking up with a sore jaw and sensitive or aching teeth—a concern for those who are affected by bruxism. Unfortunately, the longer it takes you to do… Read more »

Treatment For A Smile Hurt By Bruxism

If your time dealing with bruxism left you with a worn down and unattractive smile, you should know that you do not have to feel stuck with these flaws. At our Northwest IN dentist’s office, we can protect teeth against further harm from grinding and clenching, and we can also look into the benefits of… Read more »

Proper Care For Teeth Grinding Issues

When they are not taken seriously, issues with teeth grinding can create significant issues over time. They can lead to worsening discomfort due to the pressure that they put on your teeth and jaw. They can also have a negative impact on your appearance by causing chips and cracks in your enamel. At our Northwest… Read more »

Resolving Problems With Nightly Teeth Grinding

Until you do something about the problem, nightly teeth grinding can continue taking a toll on your smile and oral health. Just how serious is this problem? We have the ability to grind and clench our teeth with considerable force. Someone who experiences issues with bruxism (persistent teeth grinding) each night can wear down their… Read more »

Things You Should Know About Addressing Bruxism

You might recognize the term, bruxism, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you would recognize it if you have it. In fact, because bruxism is often a nighttime problem, many patients don’t realize that they grind their teeth at all. Unfortunately, the longer it takes to notice bruxism, the more damage it can cause to… Read more »

How Much Is Too Much Teeth-Grinding?

Too much of anything is bad. Yet, when it comes to grinding your teeth, you may not realize that you’re doing it too much until you start to notice other symptoms, like aching and damaged teeth. Grinding your teeth too much is the defining characteristic of bruxism. Unfortunately, it most often occurs while patients are… Read more »