Why it’s Important to Replace Lost Teeth

Women, showing mouth without tooth (broken) using fingersWhile adult tooth loss may not be as common as a cavity or gum disease, for example, it still can occur through a variety of circumstances. For instance, a cavity that has been formed due to harmful bacteria eating away at a healthy tooth’s structure could continue to develop into decay and, if left unchecked, would ultimately result in a lost tooth. Recovering from loss can be difficult as well, especially if the area is not replaced with an artificial structure. At Healthy Smiles in Northwest, IN, we recognize the difficulties that accompany losing an oral structure, and we stress the importance of replacing those structures as soon as possible with a dental implant and restoration.

A Full Smile

For most individuals, one of the first things that someone notices is a smile. Smiles are very indicative of mood and behavior, and also exude confidence when you are satisfied with yours. When you experience losing one or more teeth, gaps are created in the grin and hinder the seamless appearance. Because of this, individuals can experience a lack of confidence and satisfaction with their appearance. Fortunately, restorative services are available to help perfect and cosmetically enhance the appearance of your grin.

Prevents Further Tooth Loss

Not only do dental implants and restorations complete your appearance, but they also serve a function in preventing further tooth loss. When harmful bacteria target your teeth, they lurk in the difficult-to-reach recesses of your mouth. When you lose a tooth or have one extracted, the gum area is sensitive and attempting to heal, making it a perfect breeding ground for trouble. If the gap is not filled with an artificial structure, the bacteria can and will affect surrounding teeth and cause decay there as well. Once the gap has been replaced and your grin is complete once more, your chances of further spread of disease and loss decrease exponentially. To learn more, contact our office today.

Restores Functionality

Each oral structure contains a portion known as the root. The root resides below the gums and embedded in the jawbone, providing a secure means of absorbing bite pressure. When there is not a root present, your bite must accommodate for it and shifts, causing unevenness. While it may not seem like the worst thing that could happen, it can cause jawbone deterioration and even result in difficulties chewing and enunciating. A dental implant acts as an artificial root that creates a secure bond with the jaw once the bone heals around it, and a restoration is created and placed to assist with biting.

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