Month: July 2016

Are Bad Habits Hurting Your Teeth?

While people (hopefully) are not setting out to try and hurt their teeth, there are many habits that can do just that. Some of these actions are unconscious – people who suffer from bruxism may not even realize that they grind their teeth during the night. Unfortunately, that lack of awareness is not protecting their… Read more »

Kids’ Dental Visits Can Encourage Good Oral Health Habits

What does your child gain from seeing the dentist regularly? One answer you might not expect – good habits. In many ways, children’s dentistry involves many of the same procedures as a checkup for adults. Their teeth will be examined for problems (like cavities), and they will undergo a professional teeth cleaning. However, these visits… Read more »

Quiz: Putting A Stop To Tooth Pain

Few situations can motivate a person to seek out their dentist like tooth pain. Discomfort can come from many different situations. If your discomfort is rooted in advanced tooth decay, you could be overdue for restorative work on a cavity. That pain indicates a threat to the tooth’s living tissue, which could eventually make extracting… Read more »

How Composite Resin Has Changed Dental Services

Dental fillings have long been important to cavity treatment. Thanks to composite resin, the procedure can have less of an impact on how you look, while also effectively restoring your lost tooth structure. In the past, amalgam fillings were used. The material looked less like your natural tooth, and could also leave some space between… Read more »