Month: June 2015

How to Handle a Dental Emergency

Dental emergencies happen all the time, and fortunately, most of the time a dental emergency is not something to stress or panic about, because the situation can often be remedied quickly with your dentist. From lost teeth to damaged dental prosthetics, there are several forms of dental traumas that can cause you pain and discomfort… Read more »

Is Teeth Whitening Right For You?

Throughout your life, you may strive for advancement with anything that you do. This can be applied anywhere in your life, from doing well at a job, to brushing and flossing your teeth daily to maintain proper dental health. Along with providing you with a healthy and clean smile, brushing your teeth will also remove… Read more »

What You Didn’t Know About Tooth Extraction

While tooth extraction isn’t the most popular form of dental procedure, it is more common than most people may realize. While taking care of your teeth is important to avoid tooth loss, some complications may arise that require treatment that surpasses restoration. For instance, if a tooth has experienced severe decay, it is no longer… Read more »

What Can Restorative Dentistry Do For You?

If your teeth have sustained damage as a result of decay from improper dental care, or have been broken due to a hit to the mouth, then you may require a restorative procedure. This type of procedure is used to repair damaged or decayed teeth in an attempt to restore a tooth’s structural integrity, allowing… Read more »