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When to Consider Extracting a Tooth

For some adults, the biggest threat to their oral health involves chronic teeth-grinding that ultimately leads to a jaw dysfunction known as TMJ disorder. For a number of other people, however, their biggest dental concern typically involves the damage caused by decay and infection. Indeed, your dentist will attempt to preserve your natural tooth as… Read more »

What Tooth Extraction Specifically Saves Your Smile From

Depending on your specific oral health needs, the overall goal of your dental care may be one of two things – to prevent problems from occurring, or to prevent them from growing more severe. In some severe cases of oral health problems, the only viable way of preventing further harm to your oral health is… Read more »

Relying On Professional Care When You Need A Tooth Extracted

A tooth extraction is certainly not something to look forward to. A typical patient would obviously prefer to keep all of their teeth. Your dentist is also keen to provide care that eliminates the need to perform an extraction. However, in some cases, this is still the necessary treatment for a dental problem. A serious… Read more »

Answering Questions About Tooth Extraction

Your dentist will take every possible step to save you from having to lose a tooth. Unfortunately, there can be situations where your dentist’s only recourse is to perform a tooth extraction. What you should understand is that an extraction related to tooth decay can be avoided if you seek treatment in time, as there… Read more »

What You Didn’t Know About Tooth Extraction

While tooth extraction isn’t the most popular form of dental procedure, it is more common than most people may realize. While taking care of your teeth is important to avoid tooth loss, some complications may arise that require treatment that surpasses restoration. For instance, if a tooth has experienced severe decay, it is no longer… Read more »

Lose One to Save 100

Well, technically, lose one to save 31. Adults grow one set of permanent teeth that usually amounts to 32 (including the four wisdom teeth). Once the permanent teeth have erupted, they are the last teeth that will grow out of your dental ridge. Though adult teeth should be permanent, tooth extractions are often a necessity… Read more »

Why Tooth Extraction is a Thing

Tooth loss isn’t always expected, although it’s sometimes a necessity when patients neglect necessary dental treatment for long enough. Though tooth extraction is frequently necessary, Dr. Cain doesn’t typically recommend it unless the tooth can no longer serve its function, or poses a threat to your continued good oral health. Depending on the reason for… Read more »