Month: February 2017

What To Expect From Your Experience With Dental Sedation

Some patients will happily walk in for a standard dental checkup, but drag their feet when they need to come in for a restorative dental treatment. Patients with dental anxiety may resist even a routine visit, due to the distress they feel at the thought of spending any time in the dentist’s chair. Patients will… Read more »

If You Need A Cavity Treatment, Make It A Priority

Think about your daily schedule – would you have an easy time fitting in a cavity treatment, or would it be relatively hard for you to work in a restorative dental treatment? Unfortunately, it can be hard for some patients to make time for dental work. While your dentist understands this, you should understand that… Read more »

What You Can Expect From A Whitening Treatment

How much of a change should you expect to see in your smile after a professional whitening treatment? If you have long been frustrated by the way stains in your teeth have affected your appearance, you can see a remarkable difference. While store-bought whitening agents have the power to remove staining particles that have stuck… Read more »