Month: December 2017

What’s Stopping You From Enjoying A Brighter Smile?

Why should you put up with a smile that has become dull, or seems discolored? You may have grown disheartened after using a store bought whitening product, or switching to a whitening toothpaste, and seen unremarkable results. What you should know is that your dentist can help you make significant improvements to the color of… Read more »

Providing Dedicated Dental Care For Young Patients

What kind of dental care do young patients require? Many of the services provided in pediatric dental care are also provided for adult patients. After all, patients of all ages benefit from careful examinations of their teeth, and focused, professional cleanings. That being said, kids can require special services to make sure they are fully… Read more »

Giving People With Dental Anxiety The Support They Need

Different issues can affect a person’s relative risk for dental troubles. Some patients have softer enamel, which makes it harder for them to fight cavities. Other people can have issues like dry mouth, which can inhibit their natural cavity defense if the problem is not addressed. However, many people are more vulnerable to oral health… Read more »

Quiz: Exploring Different Approaches To Cosmetic Dental Care

If you want to address problems with your smile, you can be excited to explore your cosmetic dental treatment options. Because your dentist can offer a range of procedures, you may be unsure which approach best suits your needs. You can schedule a time to discuss this with your dentist, and give them a chance… Read more »