Month: August 2021

How Bonding Treatments Address Smile Flaws

It only takes one smile flaw to drag down your confidence in the way you look. Even if the issue you have is relatively mild, it can be frustrating to see how an issue with a damaged, misshapen, discolored, or otherwise flawed tooth can bring down your appearance. At our Northwest IN dentist’s office, we… Read more »

Resolving Problems With Nightly Teeth Grinding

Until you do something about the problem, nightly teeth grinding can continue taking a toll on your smile and oral health. Just how serious is this problem? We have the ability to grind and clench our teeth with considerable force. Someone who experiences issues with bruxism (persistent teeth grinding) each night can wear down their… Read more »

How We Help Patients Manage TMJ Problems

If you start to experience problems with your jaw, the discomfort you feel can be difficult to ignore. The longer you wait to do something about issues like joint pain and stiffness, limited movement, or teeth grinding, the harder it can be to ignore your discomfort. Are you simply stuck with these problems? If not,… Read more »

See Real Cosmetic Improvements From Veneers

What can you really gain from scheduling a cosmetic dental procedure? The idea that you might only see limited improvements can make treatment less appealing. The good news is that just one treatment can actually deliver noteworthy improvements while targeting the specific concerns that you have about the way you look. By visiting your Northwest… Read more »