Month: November 2019

Has Jaw Movement Become Painful? TMJ Treatment Can Help

We perform basic jaw movements so frequently in the course of a day that they can generally escape our notice. However, if you start to feel the effects of TMJ disorder, basic actions like biting, chewing, and speaking can become distracting due to pain, or limited movement. At our Gary, IN dental practice, we have… Read more »

Treating Your Cavity In One Visit

When you develop a cavity, then the health and stability of your tooth is at risk! In order to prevent tooth loss due to an infection or abscess, your Gary, IN, dentist may recommend a dental filling. Using a lifelike and metal-free material, we can often repair your tooth in just one sitting!

Lifelike Repair For Cracked And Chipped Teeth

When a tooth become cracked or chipped, treatment is crucial. Otherwise the risk of painful infections or even lost teeth increase with time. In order to safeguard smiles of all ages from these issues, your Gary, IN, dentist may offer a dental crown to repair cracked or chipped teeth, protecting the smile and providing a… Read more »

Use Your 2019 Dental Benefits Before The Holidays

Once the holiday season arrives, you’re likely to find your schedule is pretty full and making time to see your dentist could be difficult. For many, this means eventually losing your 2019 dental insurance benefits before you have a chance to use them. Your Gary, IN, dentist suggests scheduling a visit today to enjoy an… Read more »