Your Gums Play An Important Role In Your Health

Stripe Woman Gary INWhen you think about your smile, you probably focus on your teeth. This is a natural tendency for people, but it is important to remember that there is more to your mouth. Your gums are an integral part of your oral health, and they deserve the proper care and treatment. Nearly half of all adult Americans struggle with some extent of periodontal disease, so if you have been holding back on treatment, make this an emphasis!

Speak to our team in Gary, IN about your options in caring for your gums. If you have begun to notice the early warning signs of gingivitis, we can help you to slow and even stop the progression of your condition before it becomes periodontal disease. Through scaling and root planing, we can remove the plaque and tartar from around your gumline, giving you a cleaner smile. This process is also beneficial for those with more advanced gum disease, so talk with Dr. Nicholas Cain, DDS about your needs. We are here to help you to fight the advancement of your bacterial infection with a dedicated cleaning at and below your gumline!

Gum Disease Is Shockingly Prevalent In American Smiles

Periodontal disease is a condition that is highly common in this country, yet there is still a stigma surrounding receding gums. Strikingly, nearly half of all adult Americans struggle with problems with their gums. Some people will choose to hide their infection and inflammation through a change in the way they speak or smile, but this can allow the situation to become worse. If you have begun to notice a change in your oral health, take the time to talk with a trained dental professional about your options in treatment. The first step in improving your smile is with a visit to a dentist!

Treating Periodontal Disease With Scaling And Root Planing

You can improve your gums with the help of a combined set of processes known as scaling and root planing. This is the dedicated cleaning at and below your gumline, freeing you of the harmful bacterial buildup of plaque and tartar. While you may take fantastic care of your teeth, it can be harder to reach certain areas, and biofilm can start to accumulate. Your gums can trap plaque and tartar, leading to tooth decay and other oral health consequences. If you have started to notice redness or swelling along your gumline, talk with your dentist about scaling and root planing to fight your periodontal disease.

Stop The Progression Of Your Gum Disease In Northwest Indiana

If you have started to see a recession of your gums, talk to a trusted dental professional about your options in treatment. Give us a call at Healthy Smiles in Gary, IN, today at (219)938-2637 today for more information!