Month: November 2014

What’s the Problem with Dry Mouth?

Saliva is one of your best defenses against tooth decay and other dental problems. This moisture helps you chew food, rinses food particles out of your teeth, and neutralizes acid that attacks your enamel. Dry mouth (xerostomia) occurs when your mouth is not producing enough saliva. This condition can be more than just bothersome; it… Read more »

A Lesson About Tooth Loss

The more you know about your dental health, the more you may realize how simultaneously resilient and vulnerable it is. For instance, permanent teeth that are built to last for life can be lost prematurely if you don’t keep them clean and healthy. The lesson to be learned about tooth loss is that the better… Read more »

Quiz: What is Bruxism?

Do you grind your teeth? Many people who suffer from bruxism may not even be aware they need treatment. This is due to the fact that most people grind their teeth during sleep. Recognizing the symptoms of this disorder is crucial. Dr. Nicholas Cain discusses the common warning signs and causes of this serious dental… Read more »

Diabetic Patients Have Increased Risk for Gum Disease

November is American Diabetes Month® (ADM) which is an effort by the American Diabetes Association to raise awareness of the millions living with the disease and the issues surrounding diabetes. According to the American Diabetes Association, almost 30 million children and adults in the US live with diabetes. 86 million Americans possess prediabetes and could… Read more »