Month: October 2022

Is Your Jaw Causing Sleep Concerns?

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Many Americans struggle with their sleep for a variety of reasons. And while we can’t help much about the noise in your neighborhood or the time of sunrise, there are aspects of oral health that interact with your nightly rest. Sleep apnea is a very common concern, especially among men, and it can cause problems… Read more »

A Sturdy Tooth Replacement Can Help!

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If you have had to have a tooth extracted, or if you are looking to have one performed, you may be seriously wracking your brain about what to do. If you decide on a replacement, it is important to know your options. Always keep an open conversation with your trained dental professional. These options may… Read more »

Tips To Maintain An Older Mouth

Through each stage of our life, there are different concerns that affect our mouths. Throughout our youth, there are of course issues concerning the growth of adult teeth. Replacing your first set alone has an immense amount of different ways to become a problem.  But when we get older, we may feel that our mouths… Read more »

Beauty And Strength With Veneers

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Porcelain veneers have become a very common procedure in the United States over the past few decades. This method utilizes a form of ceramic as a cap over your natural teeth. By cementing this onto your biological material, it forms a sturdy and reliable new cover. This technology can be used on damaged individual teeth,… Read more »