Month: September 2017

Arranging An Emergency Dental Visit

Regular dental checkups are typically recommended for every six months, and you can schedule your trips well in advance. If you think something might be wrong with your oral health, you can reach out and set an appointment to determine what the matter could be. So what do you do when you need emergency dental… Read more »

3 Dental Care Benefits You Receive During A Checkup

Are you enjoying the kind of preventive dental care you need to feel sure your smile is healthy? Individuals who practice good oral care at home, but deprive themselves of regular dental checkups, may be surprised to learn how much they are missing out on. The effort you put towards keeping your teeth clean every… Read more »

Quiz: Your Root Canal Treatment Experience

People who have never undergone a root canal treatment can flinch at the mere thought of the procedure. However, this restorative dental treatment provides an important defense against tooth decay, and it can save your tooth. A root canal is not performed on all cavities. Only cases where decay has reached your tooth’s pulp call… Read more »

Should You Ask Your Dentist About Receiving A CEREC Crown?

Our teeth face real threats – we have to worry about cavities, but we also need to stay mindful of how physical damage can impact our smile, and our oral health. When you have a problem that calls for restorative dental care, you should know that you can receive that care in less time than… Read more »