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Directly Addressing Dental Flaws With Bonding And Contouring

Taking direct action against dental flaws can lead to big positive changes to your smile. You might be surprised at how your dentist can pinpoint problems, and how soon you can have your desired improvements. In a bonding and contouring treatment, your dentist can make corrections to certain teeth that stand out because of flaws…. Read more »

4 Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments to Improve Your Smile

Your smile communicates a lot about you: It shows your personality, signals your happiness, and hints at your health. What is your smile saying about you? If your teeth are stained, chipped, or damaged, your smile may be looking lackluster and causing you embarrassment. Of course, not everyone is born with perfectly uniform teeth, so… Read more »

Questions About Cosmetic Tooth Bonding

As small as they are, your teeth can be marred by even the smallest stain or chipped edged. Because of their limited landscape, fixing the appearance of imperfect teeth is a sensitive and precise process, one that’s different for everybody depending on their specific needs. Tooth bonding, which consists of rejuvenating a blemished tooth using… Read more »

FAQs About Family Smile Care

A beautiful smile looks great and helps improve overall health. Keeping your teeth and gums healthy requires regular dental care. At Healthy Smiles, we offer the latest in quality dentistry for the entire family. Your Gary, IN dentist, Dr. Nicholas Cain, can help boost the health and appearance of your smile.