Month: March 2015

Is Gum Contouring For You?

You may have heard of cosmetic bonding and contouring regarding your teeth, but have you heard of gum contouring? Although you may not think so, your gums contribute to the esthetics of your smile. If your gums are too red, receding, or just plain unhealthy looking, your smile will be too. However, if your gums… Read more »

There Is No Need For An Incomplete Smile

There are several reasons people lose their teeth. The major reason for tooth loss is periodontal disease which is usually caused by poor oral hygiene. Illness, medications, and aging can all lead to eventual tooth loss. You may get teeth knocked out while playing sports or in a car accident, a bike accident, or due… Read more »

Do You Have Questions About Mouthwash?

Do you use mouthwash or are you one of those individuals that refuse to use it for any number of reasons? Mouthwash can be controversial. Some claim it even causes cancer. To others mouthwash is a convenient and easy fix and they won’t leave the house without using it. Which are you? Different mouthwashes claim… Read more »

Do You Really Know What Causes Cavities?

Everybody knows what causes cavities right? Not so fast. Tooth decay seems pretty straight forward, but actually several factors lead to the actually decay of a tooth. If you understand exactly what causes cavities then you can better protect your teeth.  Nobody likes having cavities, not only because they can be painful, but because you… Read more »