Month: April 2017

Regaining A Healthy, Happy Smile After A Dental Emergency

It takes time for a cavity to develop, but a physical injury can leave you with a dental problem that happens practically in an instant. If you suffer a dental emergency, your dentist can help you – you may schedule your routine checkups months in advance, but your dentist can make time to see you… Read more »

Directly Addressing Dental Flaws With Bonding And Contouring

Taking direct action against dental flaws can lead to big positive changes to your smile. You might be surprised at how your dentist can pinpoint problems, and how soon you can have your desired improvements. In a bonding and contouring treatment, your dentist can make corrections to certain teeth that stand out because of flaws…. Read more »

Relying On Professional Care When You Need A Tooth Extracted

A tooth extraction is certainly not something to look forward to. A typical patient would obviously prefer to keep all of their teeth. Your dentist is also keen to provide care that eliminates the need to perform an extraction. However, in some cases, this is still the necessary treatment for a dental problem. A serious… Read more »

How Coffee, Tea, And Other Beverages Can Affect Your Smile

While your favorite caffeinated drink may help you carry out your daily tasks, they can also have a negative effect on your teeth. Your smile faces risks daily, and the choices you make when it comes to what you eat and drink can affect that risk level. While regular preventive dental care can help you… Read more »