Month: October 2020

Why You Should Not Skip Your Check-Up

While you may be invested in healthy habits at home to preserve your smile, such as brushing and flossing consistently, staying up-to-date with your regular dental visit is just as important. In the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, however, many individuals are making sacrifices to their usual routine so as to minimize the risk of… Read more »

What Recovering from Tooth Loss Really Means

Besides your smile’s appearance, there are multiple ways in which losing one or more teeth can impact your daily life. The space in your smile can affect everything from how your bite functions to how well you can enunciate certain words, and much more. To successfully recover from tooth loss, you need a custom-designed dental… Read more »

When Is Root Canal Treatment the Right Answer?

Deciding on the right treatment option for addressing your oral health concern can sometimes be simple. Many treatments are designed to address specific types of concerns, and the nature and extent of your problem could be the biggest deciding factor. This is often the case with tooth decay, which is the most frequently occurring chronic… Read more »

Some of the Best Things About Tooth Fillings

It isn’t always obvious when a cavity develops in your tooth. For instance, by the time it starts to make your tooth sensitive, the cavity may have already had ample time to progress and grow larger. This means the decay that causes it has grown more extensive and eroded more of your natural tooth structure…. Read more »