Month: March 2017

Dental Fillings vs. Cavities

Cavities are the most common chronic dental issue, so it’s no surprise that dental fillings are among the most frequently recommended dental treatments. A cavity is a hole in your tooth that is caused by tooth decay and grows larger the longer it’s left untreated. A filling is a custom restoration that your dentist places… Read more »

Grinding Your Teeth Can Do Serious Dental Damage

A clenched jaw may be a familiar response to stress, but if it becomes a habit for you, it can be a real problem. People with bruxism will grind their teeth out of habit, and can do so frequently during sleep. The force being placed on your teeth can build up, and you can experience… Read more »

Starting Your Child’s Regular Dental Checkups

Is your child ready to start dental visits? Your child’s smile will go through no small number of changes over the years. Their primary (baby) teeth will start to arrive, only to be lost, and replaced with their secondary (adult) teeth. During this time, their jaw is also growing and developing. The dental appointments that… Read more »

Counting On The Care Provided In Preventive Dental Visits

Does a regular dental visit do anything more for your teeth than just provide an inspection of them? Obviously, that inspection matters – especially if you have a cavity that needs to be treated. That being said, routine visits also offer real preventive oral health support. Your hygienist will perform a careful cleaning of your… Read more »

Adjusting To Life With Porcelain Veneers

Patients who seek porcelain veneers can be excited to show off their new smile as soon as possible, and to as many people as possible. That being said, that excitement can be mingled with some questions, particularly about how to best care for veneers after they have been placed. One thing you should know is… Read more »