Month: March 2014

In Case of Emergency

Just because it’s a dental emergency doesn’t mean you should panic. On the contrary, keeping a cool head and acting calmly, but quickly, can help you save your smile in the face of an emergency. If your tooth suffers damage, or you develop a sudden, severe toothache and aren’t sure why, then you should visit… Read more »

Make the Most of Your Toothbrush

Your toothbrush should be your most-used, and most-trusted, weapon against cavities, gum disease, and offensively bad breath. Yet, if you use the wrong brush, or if you don’t use the right one correctly, then you have a significantly smaller chance of winning your fight against dental diseases. Even though you’ve (hopefully) practiced the routine for… Read more »

Gum Disease Doesn’t Just Go Away

The lasting effects of gum disease can be disastrous, yet many people don’t consider the dental ailment a serious condition. At least, they may not take it as seriously as they should. Unfortunately, this laissez-faire attitude may contribute greatly to gum disease’s statistics. For instance, the fact that over 80% of America’s adult population has… Read more »

A Seal of Approval for Your Children’s Teeth

Though it’s your job to ensure your children learn how to care for their teeth, it’s your dentist’s job to ensure that your family’s dental hygiene efforts are working. As the most common chronic disease among children and adults in the United States, cavities are a frequent concern at the dentist’s office, mainly preventing them… Read more »