About Our Family Dental Office

What makes a good family dental office is more than just the quality of the treatment options available (although that quality is essential). It’s also the level of service that the staff provides, the comfort you feel throughout your entire visit, and the confidence you have in your smile’s health and appearance afterward.

Our Dental Technology

At our office, we want you to feel comfortable every time you visit, and that includes knowing that your diagnosis and treatment services will be as convenient as possible. Our investment in your care includes several advanced dental technologies designed to streamline those services, including:

Digital X-rays: Digital radiography allows us to create nearly instant X-ray images that can be projected onto a digital chairside monitor. The process of capturing digital X-rays produces up to 90% less radiation than traditional radiography, and because the images are digital, they don’t require time-consuming processing.

Intraoral camera: Digital imaging isn’t just a benefit to X-ray imaging, but also to the routine examination and analysis of your oral health. For example, during your dental checkup and cleaning appointments, we may utilize a digital, intraoral camera, which is a tiny camera situated at the end of a tiny, easily maneuverable wand. The camera allows us to view hard-t0-see areas of your teeth and oral tissues to improve the accuracy and precision of your examinations.

CT scans: Computed tomography, or CT scanning, utilizes multiple digital X-rays to capture a comprehensive, 3D image of your teeth, jawbone, and oral structures. In many diagnostic and treatment planning procedures, including same-day restorations, CT scanning provides an optimal level of precision and convenience.

CEREC restoration: CEREC stands for chairside economic restoration of esthetic ceramics, and is our digital CAD/CAM technology that captures highly precise digital images and measurements of your teeth. These are sent to an onsite milling machine that crafts your porcelain restoration in just a single day.

Soft-tissue laser: For procedures such as cosmetic gum contouring, which require the slight modification of your soft gingival tissues, we may recommend using an advanced soft-tissue laser instead of a traditional scalpel. Compared to traditional surgery, laser gum contouring offers significantly higher comfort, precision, and esthetic results.

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As a highly experienced family dental office, we offer a more personalized and educational experience to help you maintain your healthy smile for life. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Cain and our team, call Healthy Smiles in Gary, IN or Portage, IN today at 219-938-2637, or email our office at info@healthysmilesnwi.com. We proudly serve all of Northwest Indiana and surrounding areas.