Month: April 2016

Seek A Cavity Treatment In Time To Receive A Filling

If you need restorative dental work performed, seek treatment sooner, not later. When you wait to seek treatment, a problem has more time to grow. If you put it off for too long, a cavity can start to attack the living tissue housed in your tooth. This can be painful, and will require a root… Read more »

See How Much You Know About Cosmetic Dentistry

If you are not aware of what you stand to gain from a cosmetic dental treatment, it can be hard to know if a procedure is right for you. If you have an interest in improving your smile, you should let your dentist know. A routine dental checkup can be an opportunity to acquire helpful… Read more »

What Makes A Cavity Painful?

Do you know why a cavity can cause your tooth to become painful, or sensitive? It has to do with the blood vessels and nerve tissue in the pulp of your tooth. At first, a cavity only affects your enamel. If your dentist restores your tooth at this point, you can have it fixed with… Read more »

Why Am I Waking Up With Sore Teeth?

How do you feel when you wake up in the morning? Hopefully, you feel refreshed, and ready to start your day. If you suffer from bruxism, this may not be the case. Bruxism sufferers frequently clench their jaw, and can grind their teeth with enough force to harm them. This often happens during sleep. Bruxism… Read more »