Month: January 2018

3 Instances Where A Dental Crown Can Benefit You

Ideally, your trip to the dentist will not require a dental crown, or any other form of restorative dental care. Unfortunately, issues can arise that demand treatment. Cavities are a common issue, but there are other scenarios that could require the placement of a dental crown. Fortunately, you can look forward to receiving a restoration… Read more »

3 Issues That Can Make It Harder To Bite And Chew Food

Any dental issue that makes it harder for you to bite and chew food should be taken seriously. It can be an uncomfortable problem, while also putting limitations on your diet. There are many problems that can lead to complications with your dental function. The issue could be with untreated tooth decay, or a dental… Read more »

How Much Is Too Much Teeth-Grinding?

Too much of anything is bad. Yet, when it comes to grinding your teeth, you may not realize that you’re doing it too much until you start to notice other symptoms, like aching and damaged teeth. Grinding your teeth too much is the defining characteristic of bruxism. Unfortunately, it most often occurs while patients are… Read more »

What Should I Expect During An Emergency Dental Visit?

No one wants to find themselves in need of emergency treatment because of a dental problem. While this kind of care is something you will hopefully never need, it can be helpful to know what you should do in the case something goes wrong. If you can, you should try to keep the tooth in… Read more »