What Makes Tooth Loss Such a Problem?

If you experience tooth loss, it may not be difficult to realize that it’s a problem. Your smile’s appearance won’t look the same, your bite can have trouble functioning, and over time, the loss can have a detrimental impact on almost every aspect of your oral health. However, people who’ve never lost one or more teeth may easily underestimate how serious of a problem it could be, or the importance of preventing it for the good of their long-term oral health.

It means another concern has become severe

Tooth loss doesn’t occur on its own, or as a natural part of the aging process, as some people mistakenly believe. On the contrary, tooth loss is the result of one of many potential underlying factors, and these are typically conditions that could be prevented or treated early. If you do lose a tooth, it means the condition that led to it has grown severe enough to cause substantial damage to your oral health. The loss of your natural tooth structure may be just one of multiple different consequences to your oral health that could require attention from your dentist.

It means other problems are likely to occur

There are several different potential reasons for losing one or more teeth, such as the progression of periodontal (gum) disease or a severe case of accidental trauma. In addition to the problem that causes you to lose a tooth, the loss itself also means that you’ll have several other problems to deal with before long, including replacing the lost tooth. When you experience tooth loss, the condition can lead to a lot of other consequences, such as changes to the positions of your remaining healthy teeth and the loss of some stimulation in your jawbone structure.

It means you need a replacement to restore your smile

The good news is that addressing the cause of your tooth loss and replacing your lost tooth structure as soon as possible can help you mitigate most of the problems related to the loss of your teeth. For many people, the most beneficial solution to replacing their lost teeth is to choose a restoration that’s supported on an appropriate number of dental implant posts. Dental implants are designed to replace the lost root structure of your tooth, allowing your dental restoration to enjoy a similar level of comfort, stability, and security as your healthy, natural teeth.

Find out how to address your tooth loss problem

From its underlying cause to its potential consequences, tooth loss can be a problem for your smile in several different ways. To learn more about how to address your tooth loss problem, schedule your appointment by calling Healthy Smiles in Gary, IN, today at 219-938-2637.