Month: September 2014

Top 3 Flaws Fixed With Porcelain Veneers

Successful. Confident. Approachable. Youthful. Professional. As numerous studies have shown, people tend to associate these flattering adjectives with those who possess healthy, attractive smiles. This realization comes as something of a blow for someone who lacks confidence in their teeth, just as it buoys someone who has no qualms about flaunting their best feature. Dr…. Read more »

What’s Scarier Than Getting a Root Canal Treatment?

…believe it or not, NOT getting a root canal is far more frightening than the procedure itself. Dr. Nicholas Cain, a Gary, IN dentist who has performed countless root canal treatments, explains that the consequences of delaying or avoiding the procedure can be painful, costly, and infinitely more unpleasant. What Is a Root Canal Treatment,… Read more »