Month: April 2022

How Dental Exams Help With Cavity Prevention

There is much that you can do on your own to protect yourself against dental decay. Brushing and flossing are certainly useful. You should also be mindful of how much sugar you consume, as an excess can lead to more troubles with cavities. As important as it is to follow these habits to protect yourself,… Read more »

Can I Count On A Crown To Restore My Smile?

In some circumstances, restorative dental work will call for the placement of something other than a dental filling. A crown is used to take care of a tooth when a filling is not able to provide adequate support. At our Northwest IN dentist’s office, we can make sure that patients receive crowns that are ready… Read more »

Looking Out For TMJ Disorder Symptoms

There are different warning signs to look out for if you think that you have an issue with TMJ disorder. Jaw pain and stiffness are certainly a concern, but you may also have issues with facial pain, more difficulties with headaches or neck and shoulder pain, joint popping or clicking, and other problems. Until you… Read more »

Treatment For A Smile Hurt By Bruxism

If your time dealing with bruxism left you with a worn down and unattractive smile, you should know that you do not have to feel stuck with these flaws. At our Northwest IN dentist’s office, we can protect teeth against further harm from grinding and clenching, and we can also look into the benefits of… Read more »