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Preserving Your Smile With Root Canal Therapy

Did you know that untreated cavities could eventually mean an infected or abscessed tooth? When these complications arise, treatment is crucial for preventing tooth loss and keeping your smile whole and healthy. To stop the progression of infection, we often recommend a root canal for patients in Gary, IN. Don’t worry, we take steps to… Read more »

A Toothache Could Mean You Need A Filling

Our teeth may start to ache for a number of reasons, from allergy issues to changes in air pressure. However, pain that lasts, especially more than 48 hours, could indicate the presence of a cavity. In order to safeguard smiles in Gary, IN, we may suggest a lifelike solution to decay. In a single visit,… Read more »

Creating Crowns In One Visit

A restoration improves the health and function of your smile, often protecting your tooth from the need for root canal treatments or extractions. But how do we create these lifelike restorations? With CEREC technology, we offer our Gary, IN, patients crowns and veneers in just one visit. How does this procedure work and will your… Read more »

What Kind Of Denture Does My Smile Need?

If you’ve lost several teeth, then you probably understand the myriad of ways tooth loss impacts our smile. In order to return function and health to your smile, you need a prosthetic. Which kind will we recommend for our Gary, IN, patients? What’s the difference between full and partial dentures?

Will A Bridge Replace My Missing Teeth?

Few issues cause as much embarrassment for a person as tooth loss. Not to mention, missing teeth also lead to a number of complications for a person’s oral health. Fortunately, we have a natural looking and durable solution for our Gary, IN, patients: Dental bridges!

How Does A Filling Repair Cavities?

If you develop a cavity, then you need to see us right away. The issue issue may soon lead to complications that threaten the stability of your smile. In order to repair a tooth, we may suggest a natural looking dental filling for our Gary, IN, patients.

Creating Same Day Dental Crowns

Receiving a crown helps address a number of cosmetic and restorative concerns. However, you may assume placement means missing work and undergoing several appointments. Fortunately, using CEREC technology, we can offer our Gary, IN, same day dental crowns.

What If I’ve Lost Multiple Teeth?

When you lose one tooth, we often address the issue with a dental bridge. However, for those with multiple missing teeth, we may need a more substantial dental prosthetic. We can often address advanced tooth loss with either partial or full dentures.