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How Crowns Restore Your Teeth

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The damage of your natural enamel is a situation that you should address as soon as possible. This material serves as an invaluable barrier between your mouth and the internal structure of your teeth, so its loss is significant.¬†When you have broken one or more of your existing teeth, reach out to a trusted dental… Read more »

Tooth Loss Can Be the Start Of Your Story

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The loss of a tooth can actually be empowering if you plan for high quality prosthodontia to repair your gap. Know that you have access to advanced forms of prosthetic replacement with Dr. Nicholas Cain at Healthy Smiles Northwest Indiana in Gary, IN. A dental implant is one way that new technologies have changed the… Read more »

Saving Your Tooth From Infection

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Sometimes, bacterial infection can take hold within the internal structure of a tooth. When the enamel suffers damage from a physical trauma like a break or a chip, it can expose the soft vulnerable area within. Bacterial growth due to poor oral hygiene can also lead to decay that can allow for foreign organisms to… Read more »

Don’t Let Sensitivity Hold You Back

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This time of year can be especially illuminating when it comes to our oral health. Here in Northwest Indiana, we certainly know the daily struggle with the cold. But are you letting your dental sensitivity concern get worse through inaction? There is a strong possibility that you are causing further damage without even knowing it…. Read more »

A Sturdy Tooth Replacement Can Help!

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If you have had to have a tooth extracted, or if you are looking to have one performed, you may be seriously wracking your brain about what to do. If you decide on a replacement, it is important to know your options. Always keep an open conversation with your trained dental professional. These options may… Read more »

Beauty And Strength With Veneers

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Porcelain veneers have become a very common procedure in the United States over the past few decades. This method utilizes a form of ceramic as a cap over your natural teeth. By cementing this onto your biological material, it forms a sturdy and reliable new cover. This technology can be used on damaged individual teeth,… Read more »

Refresh Your Gumline, Aid Your Health

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The recession of the gums is a very common concern for American patients. Nearly half of all Americans over the age of 30 have some form of periodontal disease, the term for the infection of the gum tissue. This can cause this matter to pull back from the tooth, eventually exposing the structure of the… Read more »

Help When Your Crown Feels Less Secure

You can be understandably worried when you stop feeling as if your dental crown can absorb bite pressure. After all, this one interruption can interfere with your bite function in ways that are hard to ignore, and it can make you worry for the overall stability and security of your restoration. The unfortunate truth is… Read more »

Extracting A Tooth In Poor Health

Poor dental health should be taken seriously for several reasons. One issue that you should be aware of is that as time passes, the condition of a tooth progressively worsens when it has an issue with a cavity or injury. After too much time passes, it can actually deteriorate to the point where you need… Read more »

Keeping Teeth Safe With Lifelike Crowns

Can a dental crown protect a vulnerable tooth without altering your appearance? Crowns can effectively take care of your oral health when you require more support than a dental filling, making it an effective option for physical trauma as well as severe dental decay. Our Northwest IN dentist’s office can actually provide crowns that imitate… Read more »