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Quiz: Seeking Restorative Care For A Cavity

Hopefully, you have been able to avoid cavities, and avoid needing to undergo cavity treatment. Unfortunately, while plenty of information is available on the importance of preventive dental care, many adults will experience at least one cavity. When your dentist identifies decay, they can recommend the appropriate restorative dental care plan. What will that care… Read more »

Dental Fillings vs. Cavities

Cavities are the most common chronic dental issue, so it’s no surprise that dental fillings are among the most frequently recommended dental treatments. A cavity is a hole in your tooth that is caused by tooth decay and grows larger the longer it’s left untreated. A filling is a custom restoration that your dentist places… Read more »

Need A Dental Crown? What To Expect

People who keep up with oral health care at home, and enjoy regular dental visits, are less likely to need a dental crown than those who neglect their teeth. This is because you are less likely to have a cavity – and, because you keep up with regular visits, your dentist can catch a cavity… Read more »

What You Can Expect From Your Dental Filling

The first step in any cavity treatment, no matter how large or small the cavity is, will be to remove the tooth’s infected tissue. Completely eradicating decay is important, but your dentist will also need to ensure that your tooth is supported after this occurs. If your cavity is removed before it grows too large,… Read more »