Month: May 2014

How To Prepare Your Teeth For A Professional Dental Cleaning

Have you avoided the dentist so long now you are afraid to go? Maybe you let your teeth go for a while. You only brush once a day instead of twice. You stopped flossing because…well, you were too busy, or too tired. Now you can feel the plaque accumulating on your teeth. And if you… Read more »

Small Changes, Big Improvements

Mother Teresa once said, “Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies.” A smile is no small thing. It affects our life in huge ways. A winning smile can make us more popular, noticed, and even more successful. But there are some “small things” you can do to make… Read more »

What Is A Tooth?

Our teeth are important to us. From your baby’s first tooth, to braces, to wisdom teeth, you expend a lot of time and energy caring for your family’s teeth, and your own teeth. But, have you ever wondered what makes a tooth? Understanding the anatomy of teeth can help us understand the steps we take… Read more »

Ten Facts About Sleep Apnea

Ongoing research in the dental field has brought to light useful information regarding our health. For instance, the oral-systemic connection indicating that our dental health, particularly bacteria from unhealthy gingival tissue, can affect our whole body. In addition, we’ve learned that our dentist can treat sleep apnea; something that at one time seemed unassociated with… Read more »

Quiz: How Do Dental Sealants Protect Little Smiles?

As a parent, keeping your child healthy and happy is paramount. Just like adults, children require regular dental care to ensure overall health. At Healthy Smiles, we offer the latest in quality children’s dentistry. As part of our approach to keeping little smiles healthy and beautiful, we provide innovative dental sealants.