Month: June 2018

Quiz: How Do I Keep My Smile Healthy This Summer?

Summertime presents unique dangers for your smile’s health. However, you can take a few simple precautions to help protect your smile all summer long. In today’s blog, we’re looking at preventive measures you can take to strengthen and safeguard your teeth and gums.

FAQs: How Do I Avoid Cavities?

When a cavity forms you can experience discomfort and a greater risk of infection. However, there are steps you can take to help prevent the onset of tooth decay. In today’s blog, we’re answering a few common questions about avoiding dental cavities.

5 Ways To Respond To Dental Emergencies

A dental emergency means any sudden pain or injury to the teeth or gums. We can see you as soon as possible, addressing injuries before they grow worse and further threaten your oral health. However, there are steps you can take in between your injury and when you walk through our door to reduce discomfort…. Read more »

Will Sedation Help Patients With Anxiety?

Do you avoid the dentist whenever possible? Do you have a major fear of undergoing even routine treatments? We understand that dental anxiety is very real, just as we understand that avoiding routine care can soon put your smile at risk. To help our anxious patients enjoy their time at the office, we can provide… Read more »