Month: February 2019

Should You Consider Orthodontics?

Did you know that uneven smiles not only impact our smile’s appearance, but our oral health as well? In order to correct misalignment, we may suggest orthodontics. In addition to metal braces, we may also suggest clear aligners and other options to correct smiles and improve oral health. When should residents of Gary, IN, consider… Read more »

When Do Patients Need To Have Dental Extractions?

While our goal is to preserve natural teeth, occasionally improving oral health means removing a tooth. We strive to ensure patients enjoy a comfortable experience during the procedure. But when do smiles benefit from having a tooth removed? When should patients in Gary, IN, see their dentist to discuss restorative dentistry and dental extractions?

Preserving Your Smile With Root Canal Therapy

Did you know that untreated cavities could eventually mean an infected or abscessed tooth? When these complications arise, treatment is crucial for preventing tooth loss and keeping your smile whole and healthy. To stop the progression of infection, we often recommend a root canal for patients in Gary, IN. Don’t worry, we take steps to… Read more »

A Toothache Could Mean You Need A Filling

Our teeth may start to ache for a number of reasons, from allergy issues to changes in air pressure. However, pain that lasts, especially more than 48 hours, could indicate the presence of a cavity. In order to safeguard smiles in Gary, IN, we may suggest a lifelike solution to decay. In a single visit,… Read more »